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Why Not Forgiving a Narcissist or Borderline is an Emotional Trap

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What? Forgive a Narcissist or a Borderline? Why? Forgiveness is not about the Cluster B, the parent, the Ex, no it's a gift you give yourself.

There is a time when anyone inclined to forgive will benefit from doing so, the forgiveness that is a gift to yourself, not about any contact with an Ex or Cluster B parent that doesn't believe they did anything wrong anyway.

Forgiveness cannot be rushed and is not best thought about until and unless you are no contact, clear about where you are and you have done a lot of recovery and healing work and growing.

This forgiveness that is a gift for you is not about any communication with the Cluster B at all. It is not something shared beyond people close in your life or a therapist. The person with Cluster B will never know.

Narcissists don't care if they hurt you. They don't ever admit doing anything wrong. Forgiving one is not at all forgetting or justifying what they did to you. Think about this gift of forgiveness that you deserve to give to yourself to break further free.

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